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Calluses and toenails are two different foot problems, but they’re both challenging and hard to deal with. At West Suburban Podiatry in Western Springs, Illinois, the experienced podiatrists offer calluses and toenail maintenance to make your life easier. This service is available for all — not just for diabetics, so call the office or schedule online to get help with these troublesome foot issues now.

Calluses & Toenails Maintenance Q & A

What are calluses?

Calluses are super-tough areas of thickened skin. Most calluses develop on the feet and toes, often on the balls of your feet or the tops of your toes. You can also develop calluses under your toenails. 

Calluses develop because of pressure and friction. For example, too-tight or badly-fitted shoes can continually rub against your skin to form a callus. Another common reason for callus development is going without socks. 

What causes thick toenails?

Thick and hard-to-trim toenails is a frustrating problem for many. There are several possible causes, including:

  • Toenail fungus
  • Diabetes complications, including poor circulation
  • Psoriasis
  • Toenail trauma
  • Tight-fitting footwear

Sometimes, there are several causes of thick toenails at the same time. For example, diabetes increases your risk for vascular issues and doubles your risk for toenail fungus. 

Regardless of why you have thickened toenails, the team is here to help. You don’t need to have diabetes to benefit from calluses and toenail maintenance with expert podiatrists at West Suburban Podiatry.   

How does callus and toenail maintenance work?

The podiatrists at West Suburban Podiatry use safe protocols to effectively reduce your calluses and maintain your toenails. 

Callus care

Your doctor typically starts with debridement. In this process, the podiatrist shaves away the thick layers of built-up skin with a sterile surgical blade. Debridement isn’t a painful process because the toughened callus skin is dead. 

If you have severe calluses that don’t improve with debridement or other conservative care like foot padding or orthotics, your podiatrist may recommend cortisone injections. These injections can ease the pain of extra-tough calluses. 

Toenail maintenance

Your podiatrist at West Suburban Podiatry determines the reason for your toenail abnormalities so they can prescribe customized solutions based on that problem where possible. This may include topical, oral, or injected medications. 

If you have chronic thickened toenails, or if it’s hard to trim your nails because of limited function or poor vision, your podiatrist can help. The doctor sands, buffs, and shapes your toenails to remove excess nail cells and make you as comfortable as possible. 

Your appointment at West Suburban Podiatry includes both smoothing calluses and maintaining your toenails. 

If you have trouble taking care of your feet on your own, West Suburban Podiatry is here for you. You don’t have to have diabetes; all patients are welcome. Call the office or book online to schedule your callus and toenail maintenance visit today.